29Sep Two forthcoming Zoom Conversations from the Scottish Laity Network

Two further Zoom Conversations are planned by the Scottish Laity Network, the first reform movement in the church in Scotland. One is with Tina Beattie and the other is Fr. James Alison. Details below…

Scottish Laity Network

Open Zoom Conversation

29Sep Joe Mulvaney (We Are Church) on the CDF, Galileo and Tony Flannery…

The Roman Inquisition Has Not Gone Away

The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) continues the grisly work. If proof is needed, just listen to the Redemptorist priest Fr. Tony Flannery among many others. Read his article dated …

27Sep The Church in Germany – Zoom presentation Tues 6th Oct @ 7.00pm by Fr Bernd Hagenkord

Keep the date free!

Tues 6 Oct @ 7.00pm

The Church in Germany

A Zoom presentation for ACP members by Fr Bernd Hagenkord SJ

Meeting registration details will be posted nearer the date.

Fr Bernd is well versed in all …

24Sep The Challenge of Same-Sex Unions – Angela Hanley

Open House published an article in the June/July edition by theologian Angela Hanley on The Challenge of Same-Sex Unions.

Open House was founded in Dundee in 1990 as an independent Scottish Catholic journal of comment, opinion and reflection. Mary Cullen …

24Sep Séamus Ahearne’s Indi finds herself among Whales, Poets, Cyclists, Politicians and the Heron!


The Whales in Tasmania:

I don’t know why it appeals to me as a symbol, but the story of the beached/stranded whales (c500) in Macquarie Harbour, Tasmania, stands out as …

22Sep Vatican cardinal defends issuing fidelity oaths to Irish priest Tony Flannery

VATICAN CITY — The head of the Vatican’s powerful doctrinal congregation Sept. 22 defended his office’s request that an Irish priest sign four strict oaths of fidelity to Catholic teachings, saying the move, while “very unpleasant,” was part of the …

22Sep New Papal Encyclical – What’s in a Name?

An encyclical for all brothers and sisters

While waiting to know the contents of the document, there has been some discussion about the title and how to translate it inclusively. An encyclical, though, is per se a universal text, and

19Sep A cardinal says he’s open to women’s ordination; a priest who did so remains suspended

One of world’s most influential cardinals recently admitted that he is “open” to the idea of ordaining women to the Catholic priesthood.

“I am not saying that women have to become priests; I just don’t know. But I’m open to …

18Sep The Catholic Church is called “to form consciences, not to replace them.”

John Henry Newman

Following Conscience on our Journey in Faith

Chris McDonnell CT September 18th 2020

The recently canonized John Henry Newman concluded a long Note on Conscience addressed to the Duke of Norfolk with these famous words.”I

17Sep Séamus Ahearne on love, nature, being professed and carrots for Indi!

If we only have love (Jacques Brel).


The love of an old couple:

The sun has appeared. It is rather brazen after deserting us for the summer. We treasure the past few days. Despite Covid and the Dublin threat, …

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